saturday night jam: written in the sand

Another week, another EPIC Saturday night. This time, watching Life Aquatic through rose-colored glasses (literally – do you guys vibe with color therapy?).

Old Dominion released this single (from their forthcoming album, Happy Endings) about a week ago and it really, completely captures the spirit of dating today. Or, really, the spirit of dating always? Has it ever been not sort of awful? I think my mother has confirmed she didn’t like it, either.

Before every one of my relationships has become a relationship, there has been this uncomfortable twilight zone. I’m spending time with someone, and he is making time for me, but it’s still mostly unclear what’s going on. Sometimes my own feelings aren’t even clear. I am totally guilty of being the non-committal party in this situation. The one “flirting when I drink,” in this song.

And to finally get somewhere, we have to eventually DTR. Determine The Relationship. By far my least favorite part of dating. The conversation is never not awkward. And often starts with a passive aggressive fight – because both of us are feeling insecure and resentful about the possibility of having unreciprocated feelings for each other.

ANYWAY – I’ve been chillin’ in the single realm for a bit but this song brought back all of those squirmy feels. Way to be sort of a bummer but with a catchy chorus, Old Dominion.


Written in the Sand, Old Dominion



p.s. not sure why wordpress hates the spotify embed code, but I’ll keep trying to work on that.

f**k money, get happy

started with a salary, now I’m here

Being my inaugural post, it makes sense that I tell you how I got here.

It started with a transformative experience over the last six months. I accepted an offer to participate in yoga teacher training through the yoga studio I have been attending for the last ~2 years.

Actually, it started WAY before that.

Short version: I’ve made a lot of fear-based decisions in life, including what career to pursue. While earning my yoga teacher certification, I have been able to let go of my fear surrounding money and financial instability and acknowledge that it makes no sense to choose money over happiness if getting the money is killing you anyway.

Hence my advice to fuck money, get happy.

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the wkly vegan: pesto pasta

First vegan food post! Yay!

The desire to share my experience with vegan eating and cooking came about 4 months ago.

THEN I was like, ‘woah – I have way more I need to get off of my chest and put out into the universe.’ So I merged The Wkly Vegan with fm/gh and here we are!

I’m no chef or whatever, so almost anything I try is a recipe from somewhere else. I’ll let you know where it’s from and how you can access it, but will not always be able to post details as I do not own that sh*t…

Whew, okay, let’s go!

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saturday night jam: absolutely

Maybe you’re about to get LIT at the club (I heard that’s what the kids are saying).

Maybe you’re dancing in your PJ’s with your pupper and/or doggo.

Maybe you’re editing your website. YOU KNOW – the typical Saturday night activities.

Here’s my jam for the evening, regardless of the activity. It might even be my anthem for the whole year. Absolutely crushing, absolutely everything (and that doesn’t mean crushing it perfectly, y’all!).


Absolutely, Ra Ra Riot