IMG_0029 Welcome to f**k money, get happy.

My name is Jen, and I am here to share with anyone who needs to hear that money is irrelevant. Happiness is the currency of life.

I am here to keep myself accountable to what I’ve come to know in the last six months.

I am here to have gratitude and uplift others.

Other than quitting my corporate 9-5 and writing down my feelings, I like ice cream, yoga, and being close to bodies of water.

I took 6 months of guitar lessons a year ago,  completed a single half-marathon with my sister and father, and enjoy learning about all religions.

I commit to taking better care of myself than I was before. I commit to being on FIRE for self-care, self-growth, and love-based decisions instead of fear-based decisions.

I am a Sagittarius.

This is my Tinder profile, right?